Ministries are an essential part of the church, as they provide a place for fellowship and better support for one another. We unite together in order to be in deeper fellowship with the Lord and each other, which is His Church. We strive to intentionally carry out our motto, “in the community, for the community” through the various groups that endeavor to carry out the Lord’s example of service.

Senior Gleaners

The Senior Gleaners help provide grocery needs for families each week. As people come to collect their food, the volunteers are able to witness to the recipients and invite them to small discipleship groups that help people turn to God and his resources when dealing with life's challenges. Our mission is a short term, "stop-gap" help; long term relief is usually outside the scope of our mission. 

Senior Gleaners

Every Tuesday

9:00 am

Community Feeding

Our mission is to model the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by providing a nutritious sit-down meal to people in the community. In all cases, modeling the loving and compassionate character of Jesus is to be as much a part of our mission as the tangible food that we give. 

Community Feeding

Third Friday of each month

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Youth/Young Adult

Those in the Youth and Young Adult ministry seek to develop a closer relationship and dynamic faith walk with Christ, create a fun and safe environment where those who do not know Jesus can be introduced to Him, and where those who already know Him can develop a closer relationship.

Youth Boys/Young Men Meeting

Third Saturday of each month

9:00 am

Girls Who Code!

This is a free program for girls from 3rd - 12th grade. To learn more, visit:

Contact the Girls Who Code SAC Team:

• Phone: 916-761-6865

• Email:

Erin Jones, Children President

Alisa Young, Youth & Young Adults President

We Care

  "For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness." Psalm 84:10


This is a person-to-person ministry. The usher/hospitality team are personal representatives of Jesus Christ who, as doorkeepers, establishes an atmosphere of friendliness, godliness, warmth and safety as people arrive for worship. Our mission is to promote hospitality.

Our vision is to serve God's people in God's Sanctuary with dedication, illustrate commitment with a smile, and to exhibit a Spirit of Unity, Love and Compassion to all those that enter New St. Bethel.

Sharon Hill, President

Juanita Edwards, Vice President


The Women's Ministry and the Women of Faith and Purpose (WOFP) are two groups that share their Christian love to make a difference in our church and community by praying, supporting and empowering one another through the grace of God.

Women's Ministry

First Saturday of each month

9:30 am

Raynell Davis, President

Kathy Allen, Vice-President


We look to share in relationship on one accord with ourselves and others, spreading the Gospel in music and song to a lost harvest in obedience to the scripture leading all men to Christ.

By grace and peace driven by the power of the Holy Spirit's anointing to encourage and minister through song, dance and praise with all thanksgiving to God.

Music Ministry

Rehearsals every Tuesday

6:00 pm

Christopher "Chris" Gordon, President


The men of New St. Bethel follow the Christian brotherhood motto to "Teach the word in the home, with a consecrated heart, following in the footsteps of the Savior, leading all men to God."  

Our vision is to encourage and help all men develop a close relationship with God and their brothers, and to be spiritual leaders in their home, the church and the community through prayer, bible study and fellowship. We seek to create an environment in which men can grow in God’s truths, which set us free to be the men God intended us to be.

Men's Ministry

JT Williams, President